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 Elizabeth Nikols (JakJak's charrie)

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Nikols (JakJak's charrie)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:45 pm

Name:Elizabeth Nikols
Age (at which changed) :18
Description:Usually hanging around Bella, quiet. likes music. reads alot. wants to became a doctor.
Body Build:tall and thin
Powers: telepathy, speed, stealth
RP sample:
I was stealthily swinging through tree branches. launching myself into the air, I did a summersault and landed on both feet in the middle of the yard. A huge russet wolf was blocking my path. "Jake," i thought, and i knew he heard it, "get out of the way!""Nope" was all i heard back. i didnt hear any of the other wolves, so why was jacob out here all alone?


Alice is red
Alex is blue
Georgia is black
Lili is pink

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Elizabeth Nikols (JakJak's charrie)
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